3 Things You Might Not Be Aware Of IMAX Movie Theatres

Everyone loves watching movies and IMAX movie theatres are the best option for an individual for watching movie. The IMAX movie theatre gives you a quality movie and it is more prominent for you. The IMAX theatres are quite bigger and louder as compare to regular movie theatre.

Usually, the cost of tickets and snacks are high but IMAX theatre also serves you a lot of advantages. In IMAX theatre, gives maximum image to your eyeballs. We all know that IMAX theatres are really expensive but it also give discounts and offers such as after 12 AM it will cost half and Seniors do get a discount even after 4 PM. But also, there are 3 things which you might not be aware of IMAX movie theatre and in the lower section I have mentioned them.

3 crucial things of IMAX movie theatre followed as:

  1. It is very difficult for the film makers to shoot a movie with IMAX cameras. As the reason, they are heavy and large. It is not easy to manage IMAX cameras.
  2. If you watched a movie in IMAX theatres then, the angles of pictures are oriented towards vertical direction. And if you watch a movie in regular cinema theatres then, the orientation of angles are usually off which ruin the picture quality.
  3. The IMAX theatres are not too popular in India but it is widely spread in other countries such as china for watching Hollywood movies. The audience of china is fond of big screens and high sound quality.

lastly prologue,

You will enjoy exciting picture quality in IMAX theatre more as compare with regular cinema theatres. In the above section, I have mentioned all the crucial 3 things you might be not aware of IMAX movie theatres.

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