Five Tips from Beck’s Book on Weight Loss

The diet plan you chose must be feasible to follow and easy to stick with at least. You gotta be emotionally strong and highly determined to lose extra pounds. You do not want your efforts to go astray and want the outcome to be permanent. To tell there is a good diet that has the potential to give you the desired results of weight loss, I have extracted 5 important tips from the book written by Dr. Judith Beck. The diet is called BECK weight loss diet.

The name of the book is The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook. In this book, Dr. Judith has talked about the things that you should consider when you are looking for a diet. The book boils down to these Five important points;

  1. Is it easy to learn and practice the things that are required to follow this diet like meal preparation, counting calories? Etc?
  2. Does the diet allow to have enough nutrition? Of course, you do not want to crash diet and end up becoming adversely affected. Look at the category and variety of nutrition.
  3. The number of calories allowed by it per day. On an average, a human is required to have 1500 calories. Use this parameter to see how big the gap from this number is. Also, consider your BMI.
  4. For how long can you stay on this diet? See the potential of it. Have a goal in your mind.

After evaluating all the diets on these diets as per Dr. Judith the one that is appropriate should be followed. Also, few take aways from her book are, eat slowly let your brain know you have eaten enough. Do not binge eat. Avoid dairy products, have more protein and less carbs in your diet.

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