A guide for consumers to rug care

As consumers avoid carpets in favour of hard substances such as wood, laminates, ceramic tiles and stone. It is notices that the sale of rugs Sydney has been increasing and a decline in carpets sale. Consumer love the beauty, contrast, warmth of rugs. Because of these factors area rugs are in demand and first choice of consumers.


As the number of rugs are more in home, cleaning and maintaining of rugs now become a concern among the consumers. Before cleaning them, identify the fabric of rugs. There are two types of rugs: synthetic and natural. Rugs made of the combination of both natural and synthetic are known as blends. Maintainance and caring of the synthetic rug is same as the caring of carpet. It is safe to clean the synthetic part with the cleaning solution.

Rug construction

Wool is the most popular natural materials found in rugs Sydney. Other natural materials are cotton, silk, animal skin, and grass. If an owner has the rug made up of animal skin or of leather then it must be sends to the qualified rug cleaning company. It is difficult for the consumer to clean it at home.

Fringe care

If your rug has fringe, never use a vacuum with a beater attached to it. Instead of doing this gently brush the fringe or use vacuum without attaching a beater.

Spot and spill clean up

After testing the fabric of rugs, first, try to remove the stain with tap water. Do not soak the rug in water as it reveals colour loss and texture change.

Take general spot cleaner mix 32 oz of tap water with 1 tablespoon of Ivory soap. Use this to remove a stain. Do not use detergents as these products contain harsh chemicals that may ruin your rugs.

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