Coccyx Cushion: Relief From Spine Ache

The word coccyx has taken from the three and five fused vertebrate at the spine base. It is a small triangular bone. It is also called tail bone because of our monkey ancestor had tail at the base of spine.

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Coccyx becomes painful when we exert pressure on coccyx area. Is has no f ability for bearing force, it is a small triangular bone. Most the time people put their body weight on the coccyx and it seems as quite painful. While sitting or in any other position. This may exert pressure on the coccygeal nerve and this leads to the quite pain in coccyx.

How to get relief from coccyx pain

There is a cushion specially made for coccyx pain. It provides comfort and support to your lower back. This cushion named as coccyx cushion. It is made for the purpose of relief from the pressure while setting for long tenure or while exert pressure on the lower back.

 Benefits of coccyx cushion

Eliminating back pain: coccyx cushion helps to removepain while we sitting for a long time period. The weight of body always plays a vital role while sitting walking or in any other body posture. People who maintained their body weight have to bear less of pain. This type of pain becomes chronic and cause discomfort after a particular time period. Coccyx pillows are designed for the purpose of relief from such kind of pain.

Improving posture: This gives you an exact posture while sitting on the cushion. Sitting in the same posture for a long time leads to slouching. Coccyx cushion keeps your spine in upright position and prevent from sitting unevenly.

Portability: Coccyx cushions are portable. You can carry these cushions with you from one place to another. You may sit wherever the place is rather than your home or office. These cushions are can be used in car or any other vehicle or anywhere. It is easy to carry.

Gentle support: It is the most comforting cushion. These coccyx pillows adjust most of the body weight and works well in providing comfort to the spine. These cushions are designed with the high-quality material and with care because these cushions have to provide you the gentle care and support to your lower spine which is needed.


At last we conclude that it is the cushion which is designed for cure of your spine ache. If you are suffering from the lower backache then this pillow is a solution to the lower backache. This provides you the comfort and relief.

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