Are You Thinking About Getting Yourself A Dog? Here Are Some Categories To Choose The Right Breed From!

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Among all the pet options, no offense, dogs are the most loving, loyal, and passionate for their leader. They blend with any age group and give the person 100% with no judgment or prejudice. A dog would stand by you whether you need them or not. He would always be waiting for you to come home and spend some time with him. Isn’t that a warm feeling?

Well without further ado, let’s begin the search of your little pup in the aisles of online dog shop singapore. Mentioned below are the categories to help you narrow down the list to your need!

•    Coat:

Brushing, cleaning and trimming the fur of a dog is what grooming about. So you need to choose accordingly:

1.    Short coat: does not tangle but sheds heavily in 6 months

2.    Mid-length:  sheds heavily but daily maintenance is low

3.    Double coat:  requires well grooming for both long undercoat and short outer coat

4.    Long coat:  has silky hair that needs to be brushed daily

5.    Curly coat: needs regular grooming and haircuts

6.    Wire coats: needs to be clipped every 6-8 months

•    Activeness:

1.    Highly active: for kids, teens, adults

2.    Less active: for toddlers, senior citizens

•    Behavior:

Some of the breeds are very clingy and would want you around most of the times, and some are little reserved, means they will bond with you without over clinginess.

•    Training time:

Every dog I unique and would be their training time. For new pet parents, start with the breed easy to train first.

Having a new dog is no than hang a child of your own. You would have to give them all the love and respect they deserve, which includes taking care of their basic needs, feeding them punctually and keeping them fit and healthy.

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