Anesthesiologist: The Silent Force Behind The Scene

Anesthesiology is a specialized line of medical which is practiced by trained and expert doctors.  It is defined by an American anesthesiologist as a medical practice dedicated to the relief of pain and taking care of patients right before the starting of surgery then through the surgery and then after the surgery.

It is a practice of assisting the patient until he/she again lives back a normal life leaving behind the pain of the surgery which he/ she has gone through. To practice anesthesia, hard work and dedication of 12 years are required, which is a little bit longer than other medical fields.

Duties of an anesthesiologist

The anesthesiologist is not only responsible for the anesthesia but also for overall the medical management during surgery and after that. This is the duty of an anesthesiologist to help in optimizing the comorbid conditions of the patients for their safe outcome from the pain of surgery.

Three are experts like Dr. Narinder Grewal, who has mastered in the field of anesthesiology. There is not anything less but their utmost dedication towards their profession. He is well known for his family, like behavior towards his patients. Any newcomer in the field should be inspired by his way of working and the way he handles his responsibilities

Role in trauma and disaster management

It is a new concept which is looked after by none other than an anesthesiologist. The team of doctors which are meant for looking after disaster management is led by an anesthesiologist; because they are basically the trained and experts in resuscitative measures. The concept is new, and there is still more work is to be done by the government to handle situations like natural disasters.

It is not an easy task of being an anesthesiologist. It requires sometimes dealing with people hanging between life and death. If you have ever dreamed of being an anesthesiologist, strong dedication, and a tough hard is required.

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