Do you want to set your career in basketball? Check out the fair game practices first!

They say that basketball was invented boy play who denied playing drop the hanky! Well, this is sexist of them and no offense to the game mentioned. Basketball is a team game. You cannot play it without one. One important tip for the team leader is that you tell your teammates what you can do for them instead of investigation what they can do for you. You will need to show your team about the simple youth basketball offense as well for them to play fair and square.

To give you a brief, the playing ground of basketball is called the court…

It is divided into two main sections by the midcourt line. On each section, there is hoop on the extreme ends of the court, precisely 10 feet above the ground where the offensive team has to basket to score.

Here is how players are positioned in the basketball court to play shoulder to shoulder game with the opposite team.

The players are to be located at the centre, forward positions and as the guard!

The ones placed at the centre are the tallest as he has to pass and shoot the aim. The forward consist of average height players as they stay under the hoop or near the wings. Lastly, the guard is filled with your shortest players who dribble well and bring the ball to the court.

Lastly, keep in mind that there is nothing like the myth that says a game is won by the man of the match or the best player because this person does not exist. A great player can only be one who is ready to let go of his achievements for the sake of performance of the entire group.

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